Welcome to Falabella Stud La Querencia, 


We are a small scaled stud located in The Netherlands, dedicated to breeding 100% pura raza Falabella horses.

La Querencia in Spanish stands for: 'Place you want to be'. Breeding Falabella's combines our passion for Argentina and horses. Already in the mid eighties we came across those wonderful Falabella horses whilst living in Argentina.

Please enjoy our Falabella's, which provide the solid foundation of our breeding programme. Without exception, our Falabella's have been carefully selected from proven bloodlines, and are either ACCF (Asociación de Criadores de Caballos Falabella) or FSE (Falabella Studbook Europe) registered. 

Furthermore, for us it is really important to have our Falabella horses tested on the full panel of the ACAN dwarfism mutation test. To make sure, our Falabellas carry none of the four dwarfism mutation genes, D 1,2,3 and 4. That way, we are sure never to have a dwarf foal.

Falabella horses are known for their small size, and with the tendency of Falabella's increasing in size, we consider it to be our ultimate goal and challenge to combine small size (dwarf gene free) with good conformation AND, if possible, with a stunning colour.


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